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Boats under Sail

by Hardy Loeffler

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Boats under Sail

Petersburg FL, Chelsea Piers NY, Liberty Landing NJU and Newport RI.Offshore Sailing Schools16731 McGregor Blvd.Fort Myers, Florida 339081-888-454-8002239-454-1700Fax: 239-454-1191e-mail: Liked it? Share it! Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google Plus Advertisement Advertisement Advertisement Advertisement About Contact Glossary Terms of Use Privacy Media Kit Advertiser Agreement AdChoices Resources NADAguides Insurance Quotes Follow Facebook Twitter Google+ YouTube Pinterest Instagram, 150 Granby Street, Norfolk, Virginia, 23510, USASailAnimation: Overtaking—Power is part of the Boats Group NetworkMultihulls often prove more difficult to tack, since the reduced weight leads directly to reduced momentum, causing multihulls to more quickly lose speed when headed into the windSailboatData Sailboat database SailingtheWeb Sailboat database Basic sailing principles John's International Boats: Directory of Sailboats, Designers, Builders, Associations & More (15,000 entries) Web site of the International Sailing Federation Feel free to look around, but you’ll need to register to begin progress toward getting your Pleasure Craft Operator Card Learn More Register for the Course Unit 1: Before Getting UnderwayTopic 1: Getting To Know Your BoatCommonly Used TermsParts of a Boat From a Side ViewParts of a Boat From a Front ViewAnimation: Can You Label the Parts of a Boat?Topic 2: Types of Boat HullsDisplacement HullsPlaning HullsHow Planing Hulls OperateDescriptions of Hull ShapesTopic 3: Boat LengthMeasuring Length OverallTopic 4: Types of Engines and DrivesOutboard EnginesInboard EnginesStern DrivesJet DrivesTopic 5: Personal Watercraft (PWCs)What Is a Personal Watercraft?Parts of a PWC From a Front ViewParts of a PWC From a Side View and Operator's ViewAnimation: Can You Label the Parts of a PWC?Topic 6: Your Pleasure Craft's Compliance NoticeWhat Is a Compliance Notice?Compliance Notice RequirementsTypes of Compliance NoticesCompliance Notices—Vessels 6 Metres or Less in LengthCompliance Notices—Vessels More Than 6 Metres in LengthExamples of Compliance NoticesTopic 7: Float PlansFiling a Float PlanFloat Plan for Short OutingsFloat Plan for Extended OutingsTopic 8: Fuel Your Pleasure Craft—SafelyBefore FuelingWhile FuelingAfter FuelingFueling a PWCVideo: Fueling Your BoatTopic 9: Launching and Retrieving Your Pleasure CraftCourtesy on the RampDo Not Power Load Your Pleasure CraftVideo: Trailering & LaunchingTopic 10: Taking Care of Your Boat and EnginePleasure Craft MaintenanceAlternatives to Toxic CleansersEngine MaintenanceTopic 11: SummaryWhat You've LearnedUnit 2: Mandatory Safety EquipmentTopic 1: Personal Lifesaving AppliancesOverviewFlotation DevicesAdjusting Your Flotation DeviceLifejacketsPersonal Flotation Devices (PFDs)Flotation Device LabelsCaring for Your Flotation DeviceInflatable PFDsInflatable PFD RequirementsInflatable PFD MaintenanceChildren and Flotation DevicesBuoyant Heaving Lines and LifebuoysBuoyant Heaving Lines and Lifebuoys—RequirementsReboarding DevicesTopic 2: Vessel Safety EquipmentManual Propelling Devices and AnchorsBailers and Bilge PumpsTopic 3: Fire-Fighting EquipmentTypes of Fire-Fighting EquipmentAxesFire BucketsTypes of Fire ExtinguishersRequirement To Carry Fire ExtinguishersKeep Fire Extinguishers Usable and AccessibleFire Extinguisher Charge IndicatorsTopic 4: Other Engine RequirementsIgnition-Protection DeviceVentilation SystemsHow Ventilation Systems WorkMufflers and Engine Shut-Off LinesTopic 5: Distress EquipmentVisual SignalsWatertight FlashlightsDistress FlaresDistress Flares—Types of Approved Distress FlaresRequirements To Carry Visual SignalsTopic 6: Navigation EquipmentSound-Signalling EquipmentSound-Signalling Equipment—RequirementsCommon Sound SignalsCommon Navigation LightsOverview of Navigation Lights LawRequired Navigation Lights for PowerboatsRequired Navigation Lights for Sailboats Under SailRequired Navigation Lights for Manually Powered BoatsRequired Navigation Lights for Boats at AnchorMagnetic Compass and Nautical Chart RequirementsRadar ReflectorsTopic 7: Pleasure Craft Safety CheckWho Can Inspect Your Pleasure CraftPleasure Craft Courtesy Check ProgramTopic 8: Minimum Safety Equipment RequirementsSummary of Minimum Safety Equipment RequirementsRequirements for Human-Powered VesselsRequirements for Personal WatercraftRequirements for Sailboats and Powerboats up to 6mRequirements for Sailboats and Powerboats over 6m and up to 9mRequirements for Sailboats and Powerboats over 9m and up to 12mRequirements for Sailboats and Powerboats over 12m and up to 24mTopic 9: SummaryWhat You've LearnedUnit 3: Legal Requirements of BoatingTopic 1: Your Boat's IdentificationWhich Boats Require Registration?Which Boats Require a Licence?Other Facts About a Boat LicenceDisplaying the Licence NumberUpdating Ownership InformationHull Serial Number (HIN)Topic 2: Who May OperateAge and Horsepower RestrictionsProof of Competency RequirementsProof of Competency Requirements—Non-Residents of CanadaTopic 3: Operating RegulationsUnlawful Operation of a Pleasure CraftProvince-Wide Shoreline Speed Restrictions as of 2013Video: The Danny Hampson StorySmall Vessel RegulationsVessel Operation Restriction RegulationsTopic 4: Alcohol and DrugsMinimize Risk by Avoiding AlcoholUnderstand Alcohol ImpairmentBlood Alcohol ConcentrationOperation While ImpairedSobriety TestsPenalties for Operating While ImpairedTopic 5: Boating in U.SThe lateral plane is what prevents leeway and allows sailing towards the wind


Saint Michaels, MD: Tiller PublishingMultihulls rely on the geometry and the broad stance of the multiple hulls for their stability, eschewing any form of ballastAll these hull types may also be manufactured as, or outfitted with, hydrofoilsKetch[edit]Send Us an E-mail Customer Service 19982017 Kalkomey Enterprises, LLC.This fine super yacht changed owners in 2009, and it is reported that the yacht was Saint Michaels, MD: Tiller PublishingAbout Privacy Terms Careers Help Feedback Sitemap 2017 IAC Publishing, LLC


Traditional sailboats are monohulls, but multi-hull catamarans and trimarans are gaining popularity60m Perini Navi sailing yacht PERSEUS^3 under sea trials Published in : 2015-04-02 by CharterWorld Luxury Yacht Charters A video of the 60m Perini Navi superyacht PERSEUS^3 undergoing sea trialsHandbook of offshore cruising: The Dream and Reality of Modern Ocean Cruising (2nd ed.)This can be an external piece or a part of the hullKeel[edit]Most modern monohull boats have fin keels, which are heavy and deep, but short in relation to the hull lengthThis section is written like apersonal reflection or opinion essay that states a Wikipedia editor's personal feelings about a topicMain article: YawlThe big twin rudders give excellent controlISBN1-888671-18-1


Please help improve it by rewriting it in an encyclopedic styleThey have three (or fewer) sails: the mainsail, jib, and spinnaker(June 2017) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) A catboat Boating Safety Under Sail - Five Golden Rules of Reefing Published in : 2015-10-09 by Captain John's Skipper Tips Visit for more sailing and boating safety tipsWikimedia Commons has media related to SailboatsSchooner[edit]The board is controlled by a line leading to the cockpitPowerAnimation: Overtaking—Power vsSecondly, unless it has been built with buoyant foam or air tanks, if a monohull fills with water, it will sink


Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibitedAlthough sailboat terminology has varied across history, many terms have specific meanings in the context of modern yachtingWatersHomeland Security RestrictionsTopic 6: Personal Watercraft (PWCs)Requirements Specific to PWCsLawful Operation of a PWCTopic 7: Water SkiingTowing a Person LegallyHand Signals for SkiersAnimation: Towing RisksTopic 8: DivingStay Away from DiversTypes of FlagsTopic 9: Waste, Oil, and Trash DisposalOverview of Pollutant Disposal LawsDischarge of Sewage and WasteDischarge of Sewage and Waste (cont.)Discharge of GarbageDischarge of Oil and Other Hazardous SubstancesTopic 10: Protect the EnvironmentInvasive SpeciesStop the Spread of Invasive SpeciesVideo: Aquatic Invasive SpeciesTopic 11: Boating Accidents and CasualtiesAssisting Persons Found at SeaWhat You Must Do If Involved in an AccidentReporting an AccidentTopic 12: Enforcement and PenaltiesWho Enforces Boating Laws?Contraventions ActComplying With Boating RestrictionsTopic 13: SummaryWhat You've LearnedUnit 4: Operating Your Pleasure Craft .SailSailing Vessel Encountering Sailing VesselAnimation: Sailing Vessel Encountering Sailing Vessel—Wind on Same SideAnimation: Sailing Vessel Encountering Sailing Vessel—Wind on Different SidesResponsibilities Between VesselsResponsibilities Between Vessels—Rendering AssistanceVideo: Rules of the WaterwaysTopic 3: Navigating in Special SituationsOperating During Restricted VisibilityOperating in Narrow ChannelsOperating Around Large VesselsTopic 4: Night NavigationChallenges of Navigating at NightYou Are in a Power-Driven Pleasure Craft and See a Green and a White LightAnimation: When You See a Green and a White LightYou Are in a Power-Driven Pleasure Craft and See Only a White LightAnimation: When You See Only a White LightYou Are in a Power-Driven Pleasure Craft and See a Red and a White LightAnimation: When You See a Red and a White LightYou Are in a Power-Driven Pleasure Craft and See a Red, a Green, and a White LightAnimation: When You See a Red, a Green, and a White LightYou Are in a Pleasure Craft and See a Red and a Green Light But No White LightAnimation: When You See a Red and a Green Light But No White LightYou Are in a Pleasure Craft and See Only a Green LightAnimation: When You See Only a Green LightYou Are in a Pleasure Craft and See Only a Red LightVideo: Navigating at NightAnimation: When You See Only a Red LightTowing Lights on Commercial VesselsLights on Fishing VesselsTopic 5: Canadian Aids to Navigation System (CANS)Traffic Signals of the WaterwaysVideo: Navigating the WaterwaysLateral Buoys—Starboard Hand and Port HandLateral Buoys—BifurcationLateral Buoys—"Right Red Returning"Lateral Buoys—FairwayDay Beacons—Starboard Hand and Port HandDay Beacons—BifurcationIsolated Danger BuoysCardinal BuoysSpecial-Purpose Buoys—Information, Hazard, Control, and Keep-OutSpecial-Purpose Buoys—Anchorage, Cautionary, Swimming, and MooringTopic 6: SummaryWhat You've LearnedUnit 6: Boating EmergenciesTopic 1: Risk ManagementPrepare for and Prevent AccidentsCauses of Accidents and FatalitiesPractice Risk ManagementIncreased Risk Due to FatigueVideo: Avoiding AccidentsTopic 2: Capsizing, Swamping, Sinking, or Falling OverboardEnding Up in the Water UnexpectedlyPreventing Capsizing, Swamping, Sinking, or Falling OverboardWhat To Do If You Capsize, Swamp, or Fall OverboardWhat To Do If Your Pleasure Craft Sinks or Floats AwayWhat To Do If a Passenger Falls OverboardTopic 3: Handling Collisions, Hull Leaks, or FloodingAvoiding CollisionsWhat To Do If You Are in a CollisionTopic 4: Dealing With Fire EmergenciesPreventing a FireWhat To Do If a Fire Erupts on Your Pleasure CraftHow To Use a Fire ExtinguisherTopic 5: Running AgroundPreventing Running AgroundWhat To Do If Your Pleasure Craft Runs AgroundTopic 6: Cold Water Immersion and HypothermiaCold Water Immersion KillsThe Four Stages of Cold Water ImmersionThe Four Stages of Cold Water Immersion (cont.)Preparing for Possible Cold Water ImmersionSurviving Cold Water ImmersionProtecting Against Rapid Heat LossThe HELP and Huddle PositionsTreating a Victim of Cold Water ImmersionHypothermiaHypothermia—Treatment Video: Preparing for EmergenciesTopic 7: Heat Exhaustion, Heat Stroke, and SeasicknessHeat ExhaustionHeat StrokeSeasicknessTopic 8: Carbon Monoxide (CO) PoisoningWhat Is Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?Preventing CO Poisoning While BoatingPreventing CO Poisoning Before You Go BoatingCO Poisoning Situations—Blocked Exhaust or Another Boat's ExhaustCO Poisoning Situations—Teak SurfingCO Poisoning Situations—Slow Speed or Station Wagon EffectTopic 9: Fuel-Burning AppliancesWhy Are Propane and Butane Dangerous?Using Propane and Butane Appliances SafelyTopic 10: Weather and Water Condition EmergenciesHow To Avoid Severe WeatherHow To Avoid Severe Weather (cont.)Listen to Weather ReportsWind WarningsIf Caught in Severe Weather—Prepare Your Boat and PassengersIf Caught in Severe Weather—Go to Shore or Ride It Out?Debris After Heavy RainsTopic 11: Summoning HelpWhat You Need on Board To Summon HelpWhat You Need on Board To Summon Help (cont.)Using a VHF Marine RadioUsing a VHF Marine Radio (cont.)Issuing a MAYDAY or Pan-Pan CallIssuing a MAYDAY or Pan-Pan Call—How To Issue a CallVHF Marine Radio ChannelsTopic 12: SummaryWhat You've Learned View Entire Course Outline Hide Entire Course Outline Required Navigation Lights for Sailboats Under Sail Red and green sidelights and one sternlight meet the navigation lights requirement for sailboats that are not operating under engine power (Rule 25) 5d8a9798ff

Hardy Loeffler


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